• Ties graphicT.I.E.S. (Together in Education Success) Initiative

    The T.I.E.S. (Together In Education for Success) Initiative provides an opportunity for young men and their fathers/mentors to investigate college and career pathways in a highly interactive, engaging format. This mentoring service provides opportunities for fathers/mentors and students to discuss and find solutions to the challenges Latino males face as they navigate toward higher education. Through the T.I.E.S. initiative, fathers/mentors and students investigate the college admissions process, financial aid, test preparation, degree and career awareness (career clusters), and financial literacy. As a symbol of this experience, students are provided with a necktie as a representation of the importance that ties to school, family, and community play in individual success.

    The Center for Excellence in College and Career Readiness provides separate T.I.E.S. events for students in elementary, middle, and high school. Register today using the Region One ESC Professional Development System


    Workshop #119025 for T.I.E.S. Elementary Conference at Region One on 1/21/20--Registration Fee: $100.00

    Workshop #119029 for T.I.E.S. Grades 6-8 Conference at TAMIU in Laredo on 02/13/20-Registration Fee:  $100.00

    Workshop #119035 for T.I.E.S. Grades 6-8 Conference at Harlingen on 03/12/20-Registration Fee:  $100.00