Our office schedules professional development offerings that are open to area districts and charter schools based on an analysis of performance results, input from area educators, and state initiatives. We deliver many of the same services and programs found at the Region One ESC Office in Edinburg and offer services unique to the Laredo area. At left, click the links to our full catalog, Laredo area conferences, New Teachers' Academy, and MAPSS to discover what we have in store for you!

    In addition to the sessions titles/topics found in our catalog, you may choose to browse for session titles/topics in the Region One ESC Professional Development System at www.esc1.net/staffdevelopment.This will give you more training options from which to select those best suited for your needs. If you wish to have any of the listed workshops delivered at a location of your choosing, contact us to set up that training!

    Please contact us today to get started planning your next professional development events!

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