In Spring 2018, Region One ESC conducted Lesson Study with Grade 3 and Grade 4 teachers in area schools. Some of their feedback and insights on the program are shared on this page. The Lesson Study process has many long-lasting benefits that are sustainable and deeply impact teaching and learning!

    "Lesson Study has helped me with working together with my co-workers to accomplish a lesson.  We usually do not do that.  I have been able to take constructive positive and negative feedback to my advantage and reflect on what I did wrong in the lesson and applied that feedback in my own classroom."

    "I have learned that sometimes we make our lessons and they are very teacher centered, we guide, we do and we ask. We, the teachers, need to make it student centered, because this way we are being very targeted and we focus on the learners."

    "I feel that the lesson study cycle has helped me grow professionally, I learned different ways to put together a lesson. Also, sometimes we create lessons and it’s okay if they do not work or something was missing, what matters is that we can come back and reflect and think about what was missing or what we could change and then we perfect that lesson."

    "Lesson study reinforced that what I am doing is correct but also gave me an opportunity to see how to better develop my lessons so that my students will be successful."

    "One benefit that I have found through this experience has been seeing specifically how activities chosen by teachers for students impact student learning. When students are provided with activities where they need to create, analyze, and explain the mastery of content is much higher. I have also experienced the importance of collaboration amongst colleagues. Through this collaboration ideas can be refined to ensure maximum success of students."

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