Service Delivery Plan (SDP)

  • The Texas MEP Service Delivery Plan (SDP) outlines program services and activities that state and federal legislature require of our local education agencies. The SDP provides the framework that describes recommended goals and activities that help LEAs meet state performance targets.

     The SDP was created using the Continuous Improvement Cycle process in which several committees and stakeholders at the national, state, and local level convened in order to identify specific migrant student needs in Texas. The results of these needs are aligned to the 7 areas of concern as identified by the Office of Migrant Education and were utilized to determine Goals, strategies and activities to help guide districts in implementing Migrant Education Program services.

     Systems of accountability such as the state monitoring process of the SDP is included as an alignment chart between the CNA/SDP and MEP program evaluation. This alignment chart describes specific Measurable Program Outcomes (MPOs) and required strategies that agencies must use to develop local improvement plans aimed to ensure migrant student achievement.