• June 22, 2022 -  Opening Keynote

     Music, Movement & Media - For Active Learners


    lady playing guitar

    Patty Stirling - Patty's Primary Songs LLC

    "My story: My son was non-verbal when he was a toddler. The only way we got through to him was by creating songs and music. He learned quickly and so did millions of people around the world from my YouTube videos. For the last 10 years, I've devoted my life to creating a complete curriculum of music for educators and parents to help their children learn through music, including science, math, literacy, social studies, and gross motor skills. Teachers should embrace technology and use it to their advantage."

    Patty Stirling is an award-winning children's musician and internationally recognized expert in educational-interactive music for children. She is watched by hundreds of millions of educators and families worldwide through her popular YouTube channel and teaching website www.PattysPrimarySongs.com. She has developed her own music show called "Musical PE for You & Me" which gets children moving and learning nationwide. When she is not performing, she is often a keynote speaker for educational conferences.


  • June 23, 2022 - Opening Keynote

    Music, Movement, and Learning: Building Muscles in Young Brains!


    Mike Longoria, Ph.D. aka Dr. Mike

    Dr. Mike has thirty years of early childhood experience as a Pre-k, kindergarten, and PPCD teacher, early childhood administrator, university professor, consultant, and curriculum developer. Dr. Mike has keynote state and national early childhood conferences and has conducted professional development for Head Start, PreK and kindergarten teachers across 25 states.

    Mike's innovative and original approach to integrating music and movement in the classroom will allow you to experience the joy and excitement it brings to learning while creating new neural pathways in the brain. "building muscles in young brains".

    Dr. Mike!

  • June 23, 2022

    Closing Keynote - 

    Music Alive! Celebrating Our Conference Community &

    Early Childhood...

    Lady with drum

    Mary Kynsh

    Mary is the founder of Rhythmic Connections, an innovative company advancing education, health, and creative development through drum circles and music improvisation. Mary is a cutting-edge workshop facilitator with a specialty in early childhood education, trainer, and consultant who uses music as a means for personal and organizational transformation through creativity, leadership, and non-verbal communications. She is a professional musician, recording artist, and international author. An international teacher/trainer with the Music for People organization. She is endorsed by Toca drums and conference presentations, clinics, teacher trainings, performances, and workshops.

    As an author, Mary has penned five books that assist and instructs educators, therapists, parents, and anyone interested in music, on improvisational drumming. 

    Mary Kynsh - Rhythmic Connections


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