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    Various articles and topics of interest to parents, school personnel, teachers, administrators on the education of students

    October 2018


    Shout Out Newsletters

    Free resource containing information for parents, school personnel, teachers, administrators on topics, issues of interest focused on the student with disabilities.


    Topics of Interest

    April 2019

    Webinar Series for families on Strengthening the Family School Relationship

    ARD meeting Tips and Tricks

    Texas Autism Conference Information and State Leadership Training in Austin


    March 2019

    A webinar on strengthening the school-parent partnership

    New website for Disability Rights Texas

    Information on the Statewide Technology Conference

    February 2019

    Information on the Texas Transition Conference

    Updates from SPEDTex and Texas Projects First

    5 Top Technology Trends in Special Education

    January 2019

    Brush Up on Accomodations

    Transition and Employment

    Financial Planning

    December 2018

    ARD Buddy-a padlet from Region 12 ESC-designed to demystify the ARD process

    Information on Low Incidence Disabilities Network-an organization dedicated to building educator capacity to meet the needs of students who are severely and profoundly disabled, medically fragile or deafblind

    The Parent Toolkit developed for parents that includes information on almost every aspect of a child's development.


    November 2018

    The Surrogate and Foster Parent Online Training Modules

    Behavior Resources

    Reading and Literacy Tips

    Transition and Employment Planning

    October 2018

    TEA's Model Form for Transfer of Rights

    Texas Parent to Parent Resource Page

    SPEDTex Reading and Academic Resources



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