• The GEAR UP No Cost Extension (NCE) Project delivered multiple options for 2017 graduates to bridge the gap between 12th grade and post-secondary options for cadre members served in the GEAR UP: Ready, Set, College Project. A subset of the 2017 graduating class who, according to records, did not matriculate to college after graduation were targeted. Our goal was to conduct outreach and find those students, coordinate supports, and deliver services to enable them to enroll in post-secondary academic/certification programs of study. The network included public and private organizations partnered to identify and eliminate barriers enabling students to achieve career goals. Outreach efforts included use of public service announcements, billboards, and a call center.

    NCE GEAR UP Model graphic

    Outreach conducted by a coordinated team including GEAR UP specialists, NCE facilitators, partners, and media and online supports encourages the target student group to contact GEAR UP offices. Once verified as participants, a support network facilitated financial assistance, information management, tutoring, and other services resulting in connecting students to post-secondary degree/certification programs. Record management included use of a customized, online resource enabling real-time supports for individuals and groups. Multiple partnerships with institutes of higher education (IHEs), colleges, and certification programs provided the 2017 GEAR UP graduates with a unique portfolio of academic and employment options.

    We are pleased to share information regarding the outcomes of this first-of-a-kind project. Contact us today to learn more!


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Last Modified on August 18, 2023