Service Offerings (PK-3)

  •  The workshops listed on this page may be customized and held at a location of your choosing. Contact Eunice Garza to learn more. 

    3-Hour Sessions
    Session Titles Grade Pre-K Grades K-2
    Determining Importance and Summarizing Narrative Text X X
    Determining Importance and Summarizing Expository Text X X
    Fluency X X
    Graphophonemic Knowledge- this training includes the connection between decoding and spelling X  
    Making Inferences and Predictions X X
    Reading with a Purpose (CPQ) X  
    Explicit Instruction of Fictional Text X  
    Explicit Instruction of Expository Text X  
    21 Days to Small Group Instruction X  
    Oral Language Development: The Process, Mechanics and Implications for Language Development in Early Childhood X X
    Fluency   X
    Morphology   X
    Six Syllable Types   X
    Reading with a Purpose (CPQ)   X
     6-Hour Sessions
    Session Titles Grades Pre-K Grades K-2
    Updated Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines X  
    Best Practices for Effective Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Classrooms  X  
    High Quality Early Childhood Classrooms: Best Practices for Effective Teaching and Learning  X X
    2 Day CIRCLE Foundations Training for Early Childhood X (K)
    Dyslexia 101: The Characteristics and Identification of Students with Dyslexia  X X
    Executive Dysfunction: Links and Impacts to Dyslexia X X
    Social-Emotional Aspects of Dyslexia  X X
    Growing Writers X X
    Overview and Importance of Phonological Awareness and Phonics  X X


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