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    Texas has requirements that must be met before you may be certified as a teacher. We will evaluate your transcript with you and help you learn the certification and assessment requirements for the area in which you wish to teach. The first requirement for the P.a.C.E. Program is you must hold a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institute of higher education. If the transcript review does not indicate the appropriate number of hours of successful course completion in the core area, P.a.C.E. applicants pursuing certification in core subject areas will need to take and pass the appropriate TXPACT exam that corresponds with the content of interest.

    CTE Educators

    The Trade and Industrial Workforce Training certificate is related to Career and Technical Education. These certificates require experience and preparation in a skill area. CTE certifications may also be added by exam to a valid classroom teaching certificate with verified work experience and current licensure. This link will connect you to a list of CTE certifications:


    Click here to learn more about the Region One ESC CTE Program. 

    Region One ESC Education Certification Areas

    Click the map/link to access the TEA Website containing current Educator Preparation Program (EPP) information for the Region One ESC area. Scroll under the EPPs in Texas header and click on REG 01 EDUCATION SERVICE CENTER. 

    EPP Map Highlighting Region One ESC

    Top 5 Districts where Graduates Teach:
    2. LA JOYA ISD

    Certificate Areas:

    American Sign Language (Grades EC-12)

    Bilingual Education Supplemental-Spanish (Grades NA)

    Chemistry (Grades 7-12)

    Core Subjects (Grades 4-8)

    Core Subjects (Grades EC-6)

    Dance (Grades 6-12)

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Grades EC-12)

    English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 4-8)

    English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 7-12)

    English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies (Grades 4-8)

    English as a Second Language Supplemental (Grades NA)

    Family and Consumer Sciences (Grades 6-12)

    Health (Grades EC-12)

    Health Science (Grades 6-12)

    History (Grades 7-12)

    Hospitality, Nutrition and Food Sciences (Grades 8-12)

    Human Development and Family Studies (Grades 8-12)

    Journalism (Grades 7-12)

    Life Science (Grades 7-12)

    Marketing (Grades 6-12)

    Mathematics (Grades 4-8)

    Mathematics (Grades 7-12)

    Mathematics/Physical Science/Engineering (Grades 6-12)

    Mathematics/Science (Grades 4-8)

    Music (Grades EC-12)

    Physical Education (Grades EC-12)

    Physical Science (Grades 6-12)

    Physics/Mathematics (Grades 7-12)

    Principal as Instructional Leader (Grades EC-12)

    Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) (Grades 6-12)

    Science (Grades 4-8)

    Science (Grades 7-12)

    Social Studies (Grades 4-8)

    Social Studies (Grades 7-12)

    Special Education (Grades EC-12)

    Special Education Supplemental (Grades NA)

    Speech (Grades 7-12)

    Theatre (Grades EC-12)

    Trade and Industrial Education (Grades 6-12)


Last Modified on September 9, 2020