• The Region One Division of Technology for Learning is a blend of technology: technology, as we know it in the traditional sense (hardware, software, networking) and the integration of technology in the classroom as a teaching and learning tool. With that in mind, we offer a wide range of technical and professional development services for school districts both in and outside of the region. Technology for Learning is ready to support you in whichever technology lane you find yourself! View our available services below and contact us if you would like more information.


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    Conference Calendar

    Whether it’s a “Save the Date!” or “Last Chance to Register” reminder, you can be sure to never miss another opportunity for learning! The Conference Calendar provides up-to-date information for technology conferences that have been scheduled throughout the year. Check back often for updates!

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    Information Systems
    and Data Management

    Accurate data drives school district operations. That’s why you want to make sure that your student records and business records are exact and error free. Be confident in the integrity of your district data by utilizing the proven student and business management systems offered by Region One ESC Technology for Learning.

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    Infrastructure and Help Desk

    If your infrastructure is down, your entire district operations can come to a screeching halt. Region One offers technical assistance to districts in technical areas such as troubleshooting and wide area and local area networking. Or, you simply need assistance validating an infrastructure upgrade or datacenter improvement plans, we can help!

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    Instructional Technologies

    Make the most of available technology to maximize learning for your students! Our team provides training and technical assistance to districts for programs and services to support the integration of technology into the curriculum and to promote a student learning environment that will prepare them for the 21st century. How will you crank up your teaching with technology?

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    Information Security

    Protect your organization from the hundreds of cybersecurity threats ready to attack your network.  Considering the volume and sensitivity of electronic information shared across school district networks, it is imperative that districts take steps to protect their students, staff, and secure valuable information stored on their network systems.

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    Professional Development
    and E-Learning

    How do you ensure that you’re on top of the the cutting-edge approaches to the work that you do? We’ve earned the confidence of our customers, vendors, and their partners to deliver innovative and immersive education services. Allow us to show you what we can do with our extensive offering of professional development sessions! 

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