• This page contains information required of authorized programs to assist candidates in selection of EPPs, teacher certification areas, and conflict resolution. 

    Consumer Information and Program Performance

    The Region One Educator Preparation Program has a reputation of educator preparation excellence. For historical information on our program performance follow the link below.

    Consumer Information about Educator Preparation Programs

    The most recent information about the Region One Educator Preparation Program is at the link below.

    Program Performance

    Teacher Shortage Areas & Loan Forgiveness

    The US Department of Education declares teacher shortage areas for the state of Texas.  These areas are typically in high need teaching areas across the state and could qualify you for college loan forgiveness. For more information follow the link below.

    2020-2021 Teacher Shortage Areas and Loan Forgiveness Programs

    Region One ESC EPP Technology Statement

    The Region One ESC Educator Preparation Program incorporates technology in all instructional and administrative courses offered throughout its teacher program.  The technology curriculum is aligned with the Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology 2006-2020 to ensure the effective use of technology and full integration of technology across all subject areas and all grade levels.

    • graduate from an educator preparation program that models current technology in instructional and administrative practices PreK-12.
    • exit the educator preparation programs knowing how to use technology effectively in the teaching and learning process.
    • develop new learning environments that utilize technology as a flexible tool where learning is collaborative, interactive and customized.
    • ensure the integration of appropriate technology throughout all curriculum and instruction.

      For Educators

    • develop, implement, budget for and monitor a dynamic technology plan to meet the needs of a changing workforce and economy.
    • create innovative, flexible and responsive environments to maximize teaching and learning and community involvement.
    • offer expanded curricular and instructional opportunities to students via online, digital technology, and a variety of distance learning technologies.
    • provide opportunities for sustained, relevent, and timely staff development in a variety of formats.
    • expect and plan appropriate technology use throughout the teaching and learning process as well as throughout administration.
    • use data effectively and appropriately in decision making.

    Conflict Resolution Processes

    We strive to provide direct assistance that alleviate your concerns and encourage you to connect with our specialists or staff members as a first step. If you feel others should be involved, protocols are established and should be followed. 

    A complaint is a written claim that an organization does not follow school laws or rules that are under TEA’s jurisdiction. If you have a complaint against Region One’s educator preparation program that you feel is not resolved, please follow the Region One ESC-EPP Complaint Process below.

    Region One EPP Complaint Process

    Please note that the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has a formal complaint process for candidates in educator preparation programs. You may submit a complaint to the Texas Education Agency by fax (512-475-3665), e-mail (complaintsmanagement@tea.texas.gov). For more information please find the link below.

    TEA Complaints Management


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