Student Growth: Student Learning Objectives

  • Tim Regal, Director of Instructional Leadership

    An introduction to the purpose of SLOs, which is to improve the instructional craft of a teacher.

  • SLO Update (9/9/2019)

    • All teachers whether they are eligible for PBC should write an SLO because they reinforce best teaching practices and connect teacher practice to student learning. 
    • This school year all secondary teachers will need to complete two SLOs.

    TEEMS Update (9/4/2019)    

    1. The TEEMS SLO and Evaluation modules are now open for 2019-2020 school year.  Teachers may begin entering their SLOs into TEEMS.  Please keep in mind that users will not be receiving a welcome email unless they are new to a Project RISE campus.   Below are a few things to consider as your teachers or administrators are trying to access TEEMS. 
    2. Returning Staff: The usernames and password used to access TEEMS in 2018-2019 have remained the same.  If an individual has forgotten their password, they can click on the forgot password link.  They will be receiving an email from TEEMS with a temporary password. 
    3. New Staff: Staff members should have received a welcome email from TEEMS with instructions on how to access their account. If a staff member is new to your campus/district and they did not receive a welcome email from TEEMS, please ensure that their HR employee record at the district has been updated to include their email and their Texas Unique ID has been added to their record.  If the information at the district is in place, please have staff member submit a Project RISE technical support ticket.  
    4. Staff not returning 2019-2020: Staff members who are no longer at your campus, please ensure that their employee status for your campus has been changed to “Inactive” in the PEIMS/HR.
    5.  If any of your staff members are have difficulty accessing TEEMS, please have them submit a Project RISE technical support ticket.  The technical support ticket can be found on our website under the Quick Links section. 
    6.  Please click on the link  or QR code to submit a Project RISE technical support ticket  

    Number of Student Learning Objectives (2/18/2019)

     1 SLO if:

    • The teacher is designated as an elementary school teacher
    • The teacher is designated as a middle school teacher assigned to a year-long course

    2 SLOs if (1 per semester):

    • The teacher is designated as a high school teacher
    • Secondary teachers whose course/section changes during the academic year (i.e. semester courses, block schedule, accelerated block, alternating block, trailer courses, and traditional block) This pertains to middle school and high school teachers

     Note: The results of the two SLOs will be averaged for a final score. 

    Every teacher should have at least 1 SLO written, approved, and completed by the end of May.