COVID-19 Instructional Continuity Supports

  • We are in a challenging situation due to COVID-19, but be assured the Region One ESC Laredo Extension Office staff are here to support and guide our Local Education Agencies in doing what is best for our students! Our staff vetted and compiled resources in a SMORE Newsletter (seen below), which is a professional communication and interactive tool to communicate consistently with administrators, teachers, related service providers, parents, and students. As you scroll through the SMORE Newsletter, you will find a list of websites and links that include valuable information and resources to help you serve all our students. Additionally, you will find weblinks to other supports compiled by Region One ESC content areas and special programs, such as the Special Education, Bilingual Education, and Gifted and Talented programs. 

    If you need direct technical assistance, during the time our facility is closed due to COVID-19, please email us: Region One ESC Laredo Extension Office Directory.


    To navigate the SMORE Newsletter, scroll using your mouse button or click the up and down arrows located at the right end of the SMORE's vertical scrollbar.