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  • COVID-19 Resources & Support

    We are in a challenging situation with COVID-19 but be assured the Educator Preparation Program staff of the Region One ESC are here to support and guide our candidates participating in alternative educator certification.  We are working to ensure our coordinated efforts are accurate and aligned with the state’s response.  The following links are a great resources to stay connected with current news and Region One ESC support.

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  • Division of Administrative Leadership, School, and Community Support


    Sandra S. Saenz
    ILP3 Program Specialist
    Office: 956-984-6275
     Debby Hinojosa
    ILP3 Bookkeeper
    Office: 956-984-6104
    Elena Oviedo
    ILP3 Bookkeeper
    Office: 956-984-6038 
    Linda Rodriguez, Director
    Educator Preparation Programs
    Office: 956-984-6037

     Hours of Operation:                         Monday - Friday                                         8:00am - 5:00pm


Last Modified on January 6, 2022