• GEAR UP: Ready, Set, College!
    Marketing and Outreach
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    KRGV Channel 5 News
    Region One ESC GEAR UP: Ready, Set, College! has partnered with local ABC affiliate, Channel 5 News and anchorwoman, Letty Garza, to create greater awareness of college preparation and educational opportunities available to students, parents, and educators across the Rio Grande Valley.  Public service announcements and news stories featured on Channel 5 News Education Beat are created, produced, and broadcast for Region One ESC GEAR UP free of charge and are done  as a service to the people of the Valley.  Letty Garza continues as the official spokesperson for Region One ESC GEAR UP in the years to come.  

     Into High GEAR and Other Region One GEAR UP Publications

    Into High GEAR is a quarterly newsletter with updates on the Region One ESC GEAR UP:  Ready, Set, College! Partnership.  Program initiatives, strategic partners, calendar of events, initiative updates, parent and facilitator spotlight, and GEAR UP staff assignments are described in each issue.  The newsletter is printed at Region One ESC and provided to educators at partnership campuses and to current and future business partners.  Copies are also available for download as a PDF document.  Other Region One GEAR UP publications, such as the Program Highlights brochure and the yearly Planning Guide are also available here.

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Last Modified on July 30, 2020