• COVID-19 Regional Progression

    The Region One Education Service Center is tracking cases of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in counties served by Region One, as they are reported by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Region One ESC will update Number of New Cases ReportedNumber of Active CasesTotal Number of Cases,and Fatalities for each of the 8 counties including Brooks County, Cameron County, Hidalgo County, Jim Hogg County, Starr County, Webb County, Willacy County, and Zapata County. In addition to the individual county information, regional data will also be posted.
    The Region One COVID-19 Progression site is updated daily by 10:00 a.m. each morning with the most current data as reported by Texas Department of State Health Services. 
    UPDATE: Because DSHS is reporting fatalities by date of death, the number of fatalities for recent days will continue to grow as more death certificates are filed for those days. 
    DSHS is now reporting COVID-19 fatality data based on death certificates. A fatality is counted as a COVID-19 fatality when the medical certifier attests on the death certificate that  COVID-19 is a cause of death. (July 27, 2020, DSHS Site)

    COVID-19 Regional Progression Dashboard