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    Earn Salary Advancement Through National Board Certification

    National Board Certification is a pathway for professional growth and salary advancement in Texas.  By successfully completing National Board Certification, teachers automatically receive a "Recognized" designation and can earn $3,000 - $9,000 (up to 90% of which must go toward teacher salary) in additional state funding from their school, per year, per teacher.  In addition, certification fees are reimbursed by the state as part of the Texas Teacher Incentive Allotment.                                                                                                                                   

    The Region One ESC Educator Preparation Program has partnered with a state organization to offer a National Board Certification Pre-Candidacy Support Program.  This support program will serve to enable educators to prove proficiency in specific practice areas that will prepare them for successful completion of the National Board Certification process.  Teachers ready to experience high quality, transformational professional training that will positively impact student achievement and lead to incentivized performance are encouraged to attend a free information session by submitting an interest form.

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     Attention District Level Leaders!

    If you are in need of informational support about the Texas Teacher Incentive Allotment as it relates to National Board Certification for a district or campus meeting/presentation, we would be happy to conduct a free information session.  Please submit a district support form today!  We look forward to working together.

    For more specific questions, feel free to contact Linda Rodriguez, Director of Educator Preparation Programs at linrodriguez@esc1.net or (956) 984-6037.  














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