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    Mrs. Maria Cruz, Ex Region One ECI parent

    "Quiero agradecer a Dios en primer lugar y a Ms. Vanessa Flores y programa de ECI en casa porque mi hijo Josue estaba limitado en el habla y ahora él puede hablar, cantar, y seguir instrucciones. ¡Es un nino activo y muy inteligente!  ¡Hoy puedo dar testimonio del poder de Dios en nuestras vidas porque el siempre cumple sus propósitos en nuestras Vidas!"



    "... Muchísimas gracias por Todo su apoyo. Aprendimos mucho con ustedes. Bendiciones infinitas para usted..."

    Ms. Leija, Ex madre de ECI


  • "Thank you for coordinating our meeting with Edinburg CISD.  I wanted to compliment some of the therapists that have been a part of my son's development.  Jacob used to say almost no words when he started his enrollment through ECI.  His physical strength, coordination, and balance was also extremely challenged and delayed.  Camila, Veronica, and Matthew have been great assets to Jacob's progress.  Now, I have a list of words that Jacob says on the regular and I keep adding to it on a weekly basis.  His physical strength and coordination have improved as well.  None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for Camila, Veronia, and Matthew.  They are always pleasant when they need to communicate something with me and they all keep me updated on Jacob's progress.  Kudos to this lovely trio!  Keep up the great work and thank you for being a vital part of Jacob's life!!"

    -Laura P.

    "We’ve been so pleased with the ECI staff! Our 2.5-year-old son enjoys his visits with Mrs. Laura, Mr. Carlos, and Mrs. Monica. He’s improved so much this year. We’re so grateful for their advice so we can help our son with his speech and fine motor skills at home. They’re very patient with our son during his therapy appointments, and with answering all of our questions! We’re thankful they have all been so willing to reschedule his appointments, even if it’s short notice sometimes, and we’re also glad for the opportunity to have some home therapy visits as well! Thank you all for your dedication and hard work. There’s no doubt you care for our son!!!"

    -Richard and Amanda Garcia

  • Listen to what Ociel's mom has to say about ECI!

  • Ezekiel

    "When Ezekiel was born, the word Arthrogryposis was an unknown. I remember calling ECI for the first time trying to find information to help my son. Little did I know that call was going to change my life. ECI was there when I needed the most guidance. All the services that were provided helped Ezekiel become stronger and more independent. I'm beyond grateful for all their help and support. A special thanks to Laura and Monica for always being there for my baby boy. Thank you for motivating me and never giving up on Ezekiel."

    Ianelly Nunez, Region One ECI Parent


  • Daniel

    "We love working with ECI!!! You have an amazing staff. Despite this virus going on, we still enjoy our therapy times. But most of all, we miss seeing our therapist 💛💙 Face to Face." Perla Tamez Mendoza, Region One ECI parent


Parent Survey Comments

Healthy Steps & Parents as Teachers
  • "My daughter was very lucky to be seen by some lovely ladies. These women have done beyond amazing with my daughter and with their help, my daughter has surpassed all the goals they had for her. A thank you for these wonderful women."

    "All the therapists and case managers were/are great! Have been willing to work with our schedules and have so much patience & understanding of my son...& have been willing to teach me techniques to help my son grow & learn."

    "My daughter has learned so much from your great staff. She is talking a lot. Thank you."

    "Great ECI program. All my children have been there (Region One ECI)."

    "We are so thankful for ECI and all of the help the ladies have provided. Our son has improved tremendously with the help of ECI."

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