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How are Perkins Planning Amounts Determined?

  • The Census Bureau updates school district census data annually via their Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) program. While decennial census data collected and certified for release is an integral part of this program's mathematical computation, it is not the only component. Once the Census 2020 data collection has been completed, verified for statistical accuracy, and authorized for use in the SAIPE model, it is my understanding that the Census 2010 base data in the model will be replaced by Census 2020 base data. Still, the model will continue to use many other data sources as outlined in this document under the “Reviewing the Census Data” paragraph. We receive this information annually as this data source is used by USDE formula allocations to states and state allocations to eligible LEAs for those census-based formula grants like Title I, Part A, Title II, Part A, and Carl D. Perkins.

    Adopted New 19 TAC Chapter 61, School Districts, Subchapter AA, Commissioner's Rules on School Finance, @61.1003, Career, and Technology Education Allotment for P-TECH and New Tech Network Campuses

    Summary: The adopted new rule reflects changes made by House Bill 3, 86th Texas Legislature, 2019, by explaining how Texas Education Agency will calculate and make available funding under Texas Education Code, @48.106(a)(2)(B) and (C). The new rule was adopted without changes since published as proposed.

    Effective Date: July 30, 2020

    @61.1003. Career and Technology Education Allotment for P-TECH and New Tech Network Campuses.
         (a) This rule, made pursuant to Texas Education Code (TEC), @48.011 and @48.004, addresses calculations in
              TEC, @48.106(a)(2)(B) and (C).

         (b) In place of funding under TEC, @48.106(a)(2)(B) and (C), a district is entitled to $50 for each student in
              average daily attendance enrolled in either of the following:
           (1) a campus designated as a Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) school
                under TEC, @29.556; or
           (2) a campus that is a member of the New Tech Network and that focuses on project-based learning
                and work-based education.

    All CTE Courses taught for CORE credit in Math and Science require completing the Texas Gateway Courses, no matter what teaching certification is held.  Hold locally proof of completion for all staff.  

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