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    What We Do

    Region One ESC assists districts in the design and implementation of a Strategic Compensation System for the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA). Region One ESC provides guidance on stakeholder engagement processes, teacher designation systems, and various student growth measures (SLOs, VAM, Pre/Post Test, etc.), human capital management, and data systems.

    Region One ESC is also a TEA-approved provider for ALL technical areas of the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA). The services listed on this site are not exhaustive of our services that support TIA. Region One ESC stays current on all the developments of the Teacher Incentive Allotment. Our TIA support services teams are leaders and developers of systems that reward, retain, and recruit highly effective teachers. Reach out to Region One ESC for all of your needs involving educator effectiveness, student growth, and strategic services. The Region One ESC team is here to support districts and offer technical assistance. Below is a list of some of our supports that align with TIA Success Factors.



    TIA Components

    Region One ESC Implementation Assistance, Training, and System Development

    • Designation System Design
    • Adjustments to Current Weighting
    • Additional System Components
    Teacher Observation System
    • Observation Trend Data Analysis
    • Validate Observations & Calibrations
    • Effective Feedback Strategies
    • Inter-Rater Reliability & Evaluation
    Student Growth Measures
    • Student Learning Objectives
    • Portfolio System
    • Value-Added Measures
    • Pre-Test / Post-Test Options
    • SEE-One Data Management Application (managing SLOs)
    System Development
    • Communication Strategies and Materials
    • Stakeholder Engagement Facilitation
    • Strategic Plan & Resources
    Spending Plan
    • Spending Plan Communication
    • Distribution of Funds
    District Systems Support
    • Central Office Systems for TIA
    • Designated Teacher Supports
    • Recruit & Retain Effective Teachers
    • Data Submission & Analysis Support
    Additional Support
    • Policies/Procedures/Protocols