2022 Region One Cyber Calendar Winners

  • As part of the October 2021 Cyber Security Awareness Month activities, Region One ESC invited Region One school districts and charter school students to participate in our Inaugural Cyber Calendar Contest.  The goal of the calendar art contest was for students to learn about cybersecurity issues and create an image that depicted a cybersecurity theme and message.  The cyber calendar will reinforce Cybersecurity Awareness to the Region One community.

    The twelve winners below have been selected to have their artwork used in the 12-month Cybersecurity Awareness calendar for 2022. Calendars are being finalized and printed.  Each winner, their classroom, and school office will receive a calendar.

    Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all the students that submitted artwork!

    (For questions regarding this project, please contact: Daniel Ramirez - danramirez@esc1.net)

    2022-Alexander_Grade 5 - Mission CISD Alexander_Grade 5 - Mission CISD
    2022-Alexus_Grade 8 - United ISD 2022-Alexus_Grade 8 - United ISD
    2022-Ana_Grade 7 - Donna ISD 2022-Ana_Grade 7 - Donna ISD
    2022-Ana_Grade 8 - United ISD

    2022-Ana_Grade 8 - United ISD

    (MS-ISAC National Winner!)

    2022-Camilla_Grade 7 - United ISD 2022-Camilla_Grade 7 - United ISD
    2022-Jacob_Grade 11 - United ISD

    2022-Jacob_Grade 11 - United ISD

    (MS-ISAC National Winner!)

    2022-Jorge_Grade 8 - United ISD 2022-Jorge_Grade 8 - United ISD
    2022-Maribel_Grade 5 - Mission CISD 2022-Maribel_Grade 5 - Mission CISD
    2022-Maura_Grade 8 - United ISD 2022-Maura_Grade 8 - United ISD
    2022-Victoria_Grade 4 - Mission CISD 2022-Victoria_Grade 4 - Mission CISD
    2022-Zelmaely_Grade 5 - Donna ISD 2022-Zelmaely_Grade 5 - Donna ISD
    2022-Zoe_Grade 8 - United ISD 2022-Zoe_Grade 8 - United ISD