Region One Assistance with AT Evaluations

  • Region One ESC provides consultation for evaluations in the area of assistive technology for school systems that currently participate in the Visual Impairment or Assistive Technology Teams Projects. We will consider requests for assistive technology evaluations for school systems that do not participate in the Visual Impairment or Assistive Technology Teams Project.
    Requests for evaluation consultations must be made by the local director of special education.

    1)  In order to assist you with an AT evaluation, your district or campus team must have already collected some evidence of an AT evaluation with the student for whom you request assistance. (It is helpful to remember that AT evaluations are often ongoing and not a one-time occurrence.)

    2)  A completed Student Referral Guide  must be submitted to Vanesa Villagran through email at or in person to the Region One AT Lab.

    3)  After receiving the request for assistance, we will schedule a date and time to come to the student's campus to provide the AT team with on-site technical assistance as they work with the student. (We will not be conducting the evaluation, but will be providing support and recommendations.)

    4)  Individuals who typically work with the student should be present for the entire evaluation session.  This includes teaching assistants, related service personnel, and teachers working with the student.  We encourage parents or guardians to attend.

    5)  The district team should designate one individual to be the notetaker for the evaluation so that all pertinent evaluation data is collected and recorded.

    6)  We will require 30 minutes before the evaluation to review the student's eligibility folder on-site.

Helpful Tools for Consideration & Evaluation


Last Modified on May 31, 2023