Counseling Support

  • School counselors offer services designed to increase student wellness, improve academic performance, and increase participation in post-secondary education. School counselors support students in their academic, career, and social-emotional development. They help students achieve success in school, pursue post-secondary opportunities, and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

    As described in Texas Education Code (TEC)  §33.005 and  §33.006, a school counselor works with school faculty and staff, students, parents, and the community to plan, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive school counseling program (CSCP). The school's CSCP includes the following four components. 


    Region One ESC provides technical assistance and training to help you implement counseling services at your site. Contact us to learn more. 

    Contact members of the Region One ESC Counseling Support Team to learn more!

    Contact/Position Email Phone
    Jennifer Avelar, Guidance & Counseling Lead (956) 984-6082
    Jose M. Castillo, Education Specialist  (956) 984-6111
    Rosario Franco, Coordinator  (956) 984-6048
    Isela Herrera, Education Specialist  (956) 984-6029
    Leo Saenz, CTE Specialist  (956) 984-6243
    Jessica Viacobo, School Support Specialist  (956) 985-6015