Teaching Health Eating & Active Lifestyle Habits

  • SNAP-Ed is a service provided by the Region One ESC ECI program. Our SNAP-Ed educator is  Elizabeth Aguirre

    Monthly, SNAP-Ed provides nutrition education classes to the community at the Dr. Bose Community Center, located at 1314 W. Main Ave, in Alton, Texas. You can contact Elizabeth for more information and for a calendar of events.

    Our SNAP-Educator can be found across Cameron and Hidalgo counties, teaching the community about topics such as appropriate portion control, healthy food options, maintaining an active lifestyle through exercise and more. 

    SNAP-Ed is also found at a variety of community events across the area, including health fairs, conferences, meetings, child care centers, and at homes, visiting children enrolled in ECI services whose families are in need of nutritional education. 

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SNAP-Ed Health Tools

Shop Simple with MyPlate


  • SNAP Nutrition Education, MyPlate, is a resource that supports SNAP-Ed nutrition education and obesity prevention efforts. It is based on recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. MyPlate targets parents and caregivers who are SNAP participants or eligible for SNAP; however, anyone can benefit from this tool as it plays a key role in planning, purchasing and preparing food for families. 

SNAP-Ed in Action

Find more nutrition resources on our Community/Parent LiveBinder scan the QR code below with your camera phone

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Last Modified on December 22, 2022