• STAAR Alternate 2 Initiative 2022-23 Cohort

    During the 2019-2020 school year, TEA identified LEAs in need of Tier 2 support due to continuous increase or no change in the percentage of students taking STAAR Alternate 2 for the past 3 years. The purpose of this initiative is to offer those LEAs support in order to comply with the federal requirement of assessing no more than 1% of students with an alternate assessment.

    Region One will focus on LEAs to train and support to address the 1% participation rate in the state's alternate assessment. To accomplish this, Region One ESC will offer the following:

    -Provide training in the following components:  
    • Addressing the 1% participation cap and the participation requirements for the star alternate 2, 
    • IEP writing for students with significant cognitive disabilities, 
    • Review of quality indicators of inclusive practices. (These workshops will be offered face to face, virtually and/or asynchronously).
    -Ongoing professional development support as determined based on needs assessment

    -Monthly check-ins between the Special Education Director or Designee and the Region One ESC team

    -2 Folder Reviews (one in the Fall, one in the Spring) a mock review of LEA policies and individual student records to ensure compliance and alignment to the state's alternate assessment, STAAR Alternate 2. The education service agency and the LEA will schedule one review in the fall and one review in the spring. The dates of these reviews will be determined by the LEA and scheduled with Region One. 
    To participate in this cohort initiative, contact gavalos@esc1.net.

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