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    Region One Education Service Center is a Vetted Improvement Program (VIP) for schools seeking a technical assistance provider or a capacity builder.

    Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) is designed to strengthen a leader’s skill in coaching school principals as they lead through the See it, Name It, Do It model of practiced-based professional development. Successful schools ensure that teachers spend more time teaching what students really need to know.

    Texas Instructional Leadership is a program through which we provide training and support to campus and district leaders on their ability to build the capacity of educators that they manage. It consists of a suite of trainings intended to foster continuous improvement by helping campus and district administrators grow concrete instructional leadership skills in the areas of professional development, data-driven instruction, school-wide culture routines, lesson alignment, formative assessment, and observation and feedback.

    TIL trainings are aligned with many of the best practices described in the Effective Schools Framework.


    Texas Instructional Leadership Components

    The TIL approach includes three pillars of support that include: face-to-face professional development, implementation support, and one on one coaching. Each module utilizes a job-embedded approach through three key pillars to ensure successful implementation.