• Payroll

    All employees are paid on the 25th of every month. When the 25th falls on a weekend, payday will be on the previous Friday.  The exception is at Christmas, when checks are issued on the last workday before the holidays begin.

    Accounts Payable   

    All payments for services rendered go out weekly on Fridays.  The Business Office will mail vendor checks directly to the vendor as no vendor is allowed to pick up checks.  The deadline for finance check cycles are weekly on Friday at 5:00 p.m. No reimbursements will be made for purchases made without the use of a purchase order. 

    Accounts Receivable 

    Invoices are printed and mailed out once a week. The deadline for posting invoices on the accounts receivable program is on Monday with the exception of holidays. Statements showing past due balances, detailed current activity and ending balances are sent once a month. Second notices are sent out quarterly for invoices past 90 days.


    Provides quality support and assistance in the area of procurement to all Region One ESC programs, and its cooperative members in Region One and other school districts, charter schools, and governmental entities throughout the State to operate more efficiently and economically (Texas Education Code §8.002).  Quality and effective training and assistance is provided to both our internal and external customers.  The primary focus of our cooperatives is to assist participating members in the administration of fiscally sound programs through the procurement of cost effective goods and services, and compliance with all bid law requirements.  Authority for such services is granted by Texas Education Code §8.053. Our purchasing cooperatives include:
    • Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative
    • Texas Energy Center - A Cooperative of Region One ESC
    • Library Purchasing Cooperative
    • Region One Purchasing Cooperative