What is Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) Training? 

    • TIL consists of a suite of training opportunities intended to foster continuous improvement by helping campus and district administrators grow concrete instructional leadership skills.
    • TIL training is aligned with many of the best practices described in the Effective Schools Framework.
    • TIL Program at Region One ESC is a Texas Education Agency Vetted Improvement Program (VIP) for schools seeking a technical assistance provider or a capacity builder. 

    What is the Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) Process and Purpose?

    • TIL is a program through which training and support is provided to campus and district leaders on their ability to build capacity among the educators they lead.
    • TIL was designed to strengthen a leader's skill as they lead through the See it, Name It, Do It (SiNiDi) model of practice-based professional development.