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    Effective Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) At Work – 3 Day Academy (#289654

      • Day 1 (10/17/23):"Planning for Effective Learning Communities"—ROESC, Rio Grande
      • Day 2 (10/18/23): "Planning for Results and Monitoring Success in a PLC”—ROESC, Sal Del Rey
        Day 3 (11/14/23):  "Evaluating, Supporting, and Refining PLCs at Work"—ROESC, Sal Del Rey


    Academy Participant Testimonials

    "I learned that We are the PLC’s , We don’t attend PLC’s. The training was bell to bell the way instruction should be handled."

    "It's important to establish and commit to using common vocabulary We can’t proceed to improve our PLC without assessing the reality of our own school. This academy engaged us in this work."

    "My biggest takeaways are that PLCs need to drive “next steps”. PLCs should include student work to discuss. PLCs should include opportunities to gauge how teachers are growing as interdependent educational leaders."

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