Project P.a.C.E. Current Interns


    Canvas Online Classroom

    Interns must register for the online classroom. Registering will give access to Canvas, but will not be immediate. Your Canvas username and password will match that of the Staff Development site. Canvas passwords are eight digits in length; add four zeros in front of the staff development PIN when logging in to Canvas. 


    Group Norms:
    •Be prompt and prepared.  
    •Listen actively.  Ask questions.
    •Engage fully - community growth depends on the inclusion of every individual voice.
    •Assume positive intentions.
    •Be respectful of yourself and others.  (Technology)
    •Remain in the session and limit time out of class.  

     Attendance Procedures: 

    All interns will sign in on kiosk for AM and PM entrance and exit (sign-in sheet also)

    Lunch is 30 min.

    Login to complete workshop evaluation

    Credited hours are awarded for hours attended only.


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Last Modified on May 20, 2020