• RTI Survey

    To implement RTI effectively, schools must become familiar with a specialized set of tools and competencies. These include a structured format for problem-solving, knowledge of a range of scientifically based interventions that address common reasons for school failure, and the ability to use various methods of assessment to monitor student progress in academic and behavioral areas.

    The RTI School Readiness Survey is an informal measure designed to help schools to identify those elements of RTI they are already skilled in and those elements that need additional attention.

    Directions: This survey is divided into the following sections:

    1. RTI: Understand the Model

    2. RTI: Use Teams to Problem-Solve

    3. RTI: Select the Right Intervention

    4. RTI: Monitor Student Progress

    5. RTI: Graph Data for Visual Analysis

    Complete the items in each section. Survey results are best if done individually and without group collaboration.