• School Safety Initiative Services
    Safety & Transportation
    The Region One School Safety Initiative will:

      Conduct an initial meeting with Central Office Administration to review the Safety And Security Audit

      process, identify contact staff and set up a tentative calendar for delivery of service to
      meet the needs of the district.
    Collect and review the following items to ensure that all campus Emergency
          Operations Plans (EOPs) are aligned to the District EOP and they meet Texas  
          School Safety Center EOP Template:

                     District & Campus Emergency Operation Plan


                     Mandatory/Recommended School Drills are being documented


                     Coordination efforts with local emergency management entities


                     Emergency response training records for all school district personnel


                     Emergency Contact Numbers on key personnel


                     Intruder Assessment Records


                     School Climate Surveys (Teachers, Staff , & Students)


    • Conduct Campus/Facility Walk-Through Inspections
    • Conduct Online Safety Surveys for School District Staff
    • Will assist the school district with any needed revisions to District EOP
    Provide a final report to the School District Safety Staff/Superintendent for Review.
    The School District will record Safety Audit findings and submit the DAR (District Audit Report) to the Texas School Safety Center. 
    Jay Aguayo MS
    Safety & Transportation Director
    Region One ESC