School District Facility Safety and Security Audit Reporting Requirements

    Senate Bill 11, enacted on September 1, 2005 requires that all Texas school districts conduct a safety and security audit of all district facilities, every three years.  The next round of audits should be completed by October, 31st, 2020.
    The Texas Education code requires school districts to report the results of their security audits under 37.108b not only to their school board, but also to the Texas School Safety Center in the manner required by the center:
    37.108(c), Education Code, to require a school district to report the results of security audits to the Texas School Safety Center in addition to the districts board of trustees. (Sections 3.02 and 3.04 of SB 11- 80r.)

    The Texas School Safety Center has setup an online system to collect certain results of security audits. This system will be activated for inputs during the last quarter of an audit cycle.