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    The Region One ESC Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) offers State Board of Educator Certification routes for teachers and principals.  If you are seeking quality instruction combined with a convenient and fast-paced coursework schedule for becoming a Texas teacher or a Principal as Instructional Leader, then our primer alternative certification programs are designed for YOU!

    Your leadership qualities, coupled with your passion for education, and your desire to make a difference in the lives of students are reasons why we want you to begin thinking about earning your alternative certification. The Region One ESC Preparing and Certifying Educators (Project P.a.C.E.) teacher program accepts candidates every month and the Integrated Leadership Principal Preparation Program (ILP3), accepts new candidates every June and October.  

    With a long history of providing services, Project P.a.C.E. and ILP3 together with district partnerships, continues to prepare and certify teachers and principals in Texas. If you are passionate about becoming a teacher or ready to lead as a principal, contact us today!

    The Center for Leadership Excellence - CLE also operates from the Educator Preparation Program. Through the center, you are able to receive T-PESS/T-TESS/AEL/SLOs training and customized professional development for certified and paraprofessional staff members. Our services and resources help you and your district improve student performance, increase efficiency, and implement state intiatives!