• What is TEKSbank?

    Currently, TEKSbank, is a web-accessible bank of assessment items for grades 3-11 in English Language Arts,  Mathematics, Social Studies and Science, with the flexibility to add additional subjects and grades in the future.  In addition, TEKSbank offers Spanish translation items in Grades 3 and 4 for Reading and Mathematics.

    Conceived as a tool to help inform instruction, TEKSbank enables an educator to select TEKS at the student expectation level and to create a unique assessment to diagnose or benchmark student knowledge on those TEKS.   The bank features a wide variety of item types from traditional multiple-choice, short-answer, open-response and performance tasks -- all at various levels of difficulty and thinking complexity. 

    Educators can use TEKSbank to create assessments by designating a particular Student Expectation (or group of expectations) or can select a particular item type, level of difficulty, or level of thinking to design an assessment.  Key words can be used to further narrow searches for assessment items. 

    The databank of available items continues to grow, as we continue to develop items based on current project plans and enhancement requests.  Currently at over 25,000 items, TEKSbank will contain almost 30,000 items by 2005-2006.

    Although sophisticated functionally, TEKSbank is designed to work with fairly simple technology.  Educators only need access to the web with up-to-date browser and Acrobat Reader versions.


Last Modified on August 18, 2014