Purpose of the Center for eLearning
    To provide access to learning that otherwise would not exist for our students in their learning environment 
    To improve student learning opportunities through online course development and delivery in collaboration  with our districts as co-developers, instructors and supporters of learners
    –To provide online professional development through online courses to address the needs of district professional staff and meeting the needs of efficiency of time, travel, and funding sources


    streamable learning  

    Streamable Learning is excited to bring hundreds of live, interactive educational streaming programs into your classroom.  These events are available through May 2018 as a part of our pilot with Streamable Learning.

    Sign-on and book these and other events through your
    Streamable Learning Subscription using the link below:





    Contact Information  
    Miguel Chuca|Director
    Technology for Learning
    E: mchuca@esc1.net
    O:  956-984-6197