Region One Incentive Strategies for Educators

Project RISE UTRGV Graduation Celebration 6/4/2021

Summer IPDP Information & Workshop Schedule

  • Summer Workshop Information for TEACHERS and ADMINISTRATORS Updated 5/31/2021 BA

    Please watch YouTube Video for full explanation.

    Highlights of the Summer Series Workshops: (if teachers are not on contract during the Summer PD they are attending)

    • 1 Project RISE Workshop = 3 hours = $75 Stipend
    • 1 IPDP = 3 Project RISE Workshops
    • 1 IPDP completion = additional $225 Stipend
    Max Stipend Allowed (Max IPDP allowed is 2)
    • Max Project RISE workshop stipend = 6 Workshops x $75 = $450
    • Max number of completed IPDP additional stipend = 2 x $225 = $450
    • Max Total: $450 + $450 =$900
    If a teacher does not complete the full IPDP, then the teacher will only receive $75 for the workshop(s) completed. Teachers must sign in and out  (within the 15 min window) with no exception.
    (Note: This is an additional PD outside of the additional 10 full-day or a combination of full/half days of PD hours for each teacher)




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