• Administrative Leadership, School, and Community Support


    The Division of Administrative Leadership, School, and Community Support addresses the needs of school leaders, district and charter school auxiliary services, and members of the general communities served by Region One ESC. Technical support, training, programmatic support, and direct support is designed to enhance general school operations, as well as district operations.

    Through these efforts, the Division of Administrative & School Support contributes to Region One ESC's primary purpose of assisting school districts in improving student performance, assisting school districts in operating more efficiently and economically, and implementing initiatives assigned by the Texas Legislature or the Commissioner of Education.

    • Through our work in Administrative Leadership, assistance is available to members of the executive level of school leaders including Superintendents, members of a district’s Board of Directors or Board of Trustees, and leadership in our region’s Charter School systems. 

    • Guidance to program leaders in the realm of school health and counseling, school transportation, and school safety is available through the School Support programs. 

    • Community based services make up the services provided in our Community Support component. In this area, we offer services to the very youngest of children in the Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Program up to our adult learners in the Adult Education Program.

Contact Us:

  • Dr. Judith M. Solis
    Deputy Director
    Phone: (956) 984-6032

    Diana N. Flores
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (956) 984-6032

Upcoming Events

  • School Nurse Conference

  • Superintendents' Leadership Academy

  • Region One School Board Conference