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About TIA

  • HB 3 established the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) to recognize effective teachers on three different levels: Recognized, Exemplary, and Master. These teacher designations generate additional teacher-focused allotment funding for districts in order for them to reward their top performers.

    Teachers earn designations through two different routes. First, National Board Certified teachers are eligible to earn a Recognized designation. Second, districts may designate their effective teachers when they are approved for a local teacher designation system. The approval process is multi-step and includes the submission of a system application to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and then a data validation process through Texas Tech University.

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Content - Cohort E Timeline


    Data-Capture Year 2022–2023
    System Application Posted Nov 1, 2021
    System Application Due to TEA (no fee required for submission) Apr, 15 2022
    System Application Result Final Notification Aug 15, 2022
    Data Review due to Texas Tech University (data processing fee required for each teacher put forth for designation) Nov 1, 2023
    Final Approval Notification Late February 2024
    Final Designation and Allotment Notification Apr 2024
    Approved Districts Receive Initial Payout through the Foundation School Program including Reimbursements Sep 2024
    Annual Program Submission for Approved Districts Aug 31 Begins 2024