• Gifted and Talented Department-Advanced Academics Program



    The Advanced Academics Program provides all members of our educational community with research-based professional learning opportunities. These sessions enable districts to meet the state requirements delineated in the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students. Educators also have an opportunity to receive up to date information provided by the Texas Education Agency as they collaborate and network through our quarterly Gifted and Talented Coordinator meetings. 

    Whether you receive training online or in person, our sessions connect program educators to a network of supports aimed at advanced academic success. Services are offered as appropriate to educators, administrators, counselors, students, parents, and school board members. 

    Our Priorities:
    • District, School, and Educator Improvement
    • State Accountability Support
    • High-Quality Professional Learning Opportunities
    • Student, Parent, and Community Support
    • Collaborative Partnerships for Student Success

    This program provides access to highly skilled professionals in support of school system efforts to ensure the highest levels of quality education is accessible to all gifted students. Our mission is to promote and achieve educational excellence by providing quality professional development in gifted education that leads to the development of innovative products and performances as part of the gifted student’s program services. We collaboratively develop customized training and support solutions with Region One area districts/campuses. Contact us today!

    Our Teaching and Learning Support Services:
    • Educator Training on research-based effective instructional strategies
    • Mandatory Gifted and Talented training workshops and online sessions for educators, administrators, and counselors
    • G/T Student Seminars
    • G/T Parent workshops
    • On-site training and consultation for School Districts and Charter School Systems
    • GT Program Mock Audit Reviews for Districts/Campuses
    • Resources for school and district improvement
      • Texas Performance Standards Project
      • Continuum of Learning Experiences Framework
      • Vertically Aligned Interdisciplinary Tasks Grades K – 12
      • Assessment Rubrics for Primary, Elementary, Secondary and Exit Level
      • College and Career Readiness Standards and TEKS embedded in every TPSP task
      • Gifted and Talented Teacher ToolKit

    Patricia Rendon
    Tel: (956) 984-6233
    Carlina Capelo-Pichardo
    Tel: (956) 984-6109
    Paula Rios
    Program Assistant
    Tel: (956) 984-6250

    All Region One ESC educators are encouraged to review the free elearning trainings scheduled at: www.esc1.net/elearning

Last Modified on September 29, 2023