Become a Principal as Instructional Leader (268)

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    The ILP3 program is a State Board of Educator Certification approved alternative route to Principal as Instructional Leader certification coordinated by the Educator Preparation Program of the Region One Education Service Center. If you are an educator seeking quality instruction combined with a convenient and fast-paced coursework schedule for becoming an instructional leader, then the Integrated Leadership Principal Preparation Program (ILP3) is designed for you!

    Your leadership qualities, coupled with your passion for education, and your desire to make a difference are reasons why we want you to begin thinking about earning your Principal Certification. The Region One ESC Integrated Leadership Principal Preparation Program (ILP3) can make it happen!

    With a long history of providing services, ILP3 together with district partnerships, continues to prepare and certify principals in Texas. If you are passionate about becoming a principal and ready to lead, submit an interest form today to join our next cohort!

    Region One ESC EPP Handbook  

    Attention Cohort 33 Summer Principal Applicants!
    Required admission documents must be submitted to Elena Oviedo, by May 19, 2022:
                                                               Deadline Date

      Calendar of Activities   

    Cohort                                  Principal Program Cycles           

        31                                       Jun. 5, 2021 - Nov. 5, 2022   ... in progress                      

        32                                      Oct. 2, 2021 - Dec. 10, 2022  ... in progress                         

        33                                       Jun. 4, 2022 - Nov. 4, 2023  ... in progress                        

        34                                        Oct. 8, 2022 - Dec. 9, 2023  ... coming this fall!                         


  • Division of Administrative Leadership, School, and Community Support

     Sandra S. Saenz
    ILP3 Program Specialist
    Office: 956-984-6275
     Debby Hinojosa
    ILP3 Bookkeeper
    Office: 956-984-6104
    Elena Oviedo
    ILP3 Bookkeeper
    Office: 956-984-6038
    Linda Rodriguez, Director
    Educator Preparation Programs
    Office: 956-984-6037

    Hours of Operation:       Monday - Friday        8:00am - 5:00pm


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