• Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative
    Complete the form above to document emergency procurement needs during the pandemic when TDA does not require approval or the CE to complete the online JOT form.
    Complete the e-form above when there is a problem or concern with a product or vendor.  Always discuss the problem with your sales representative first, they need to know there is a problem in order to correct it.
    Documentation is a very important process in the correction of a problem.  Describe the problem or concern, provide as much detail as possible, and include any actions taken on your part or on the part of the vendor/distributor and/or manufacturer.
    To request an additional item to an existing RFP please make request in Maestro. 
    Use this document as a guide for Contract Management - the final step in the procurement process. 
    Complete the e-form above when an alternate purchase is required for a product that could not be obtained from the awarded vendor.
    Complete the above form to report complaints regarding USDA Foods (commodities), and email to the Texas Department of Agriculture - Food Distribution Program (TDA-FDP) at CommodityOperations@TexasAgriculture.gov or fax to (888) 203-6593.  Please include the CNP-STC in your correspondence. 
    Complete the above form if you need to add or delete delivery locations in TX-UNPS for the delivery of USDA Foods and email to the Texas Department of Agriculture - Food Distribution Program (TDA-FDP) at CommodityOperations@TexasAgriculture.gov  
    Any Contracting Entity (CE) that has allocations of USDA Foods may transfer those commodities to another CE.  This is applicable to transfers between NSLP CEs served by the same state contract warehouse. The Authorization to Transfer USDA Foods (Form H4529) is an electronic form used by the Transferring CE currently allocated the inventory item(s) to initiate the transfer, to obtain TDA approval, and to document the transfer.  The Authorization to Transfer USDA Foods (Form H4529) must be completed/approved prior to transferring any USDA Foods.
    School-to-School transfers for CEs (Districts) who participate in Further Processing will be approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) as of September 24, 2019. Both Releasing and Receiving CE's must sign the form for acknowledgment and approval of transfer. The Receiving CE must complete and attach the respective Processor Commodity Calculator to justify the need of additional pounds and submit to TDA through their monitored email CommodityOperations@TexasAgriculture.gov. Commodity Calculators can be found in our Resources Tab. Once the form is received by TDA, the Receiving CE's Average Monthly Usage and Current Months on Hand Inventory will be evaluated and approval will be determined. TDA is working on an electronic submission to be available in the future.
    Please complete and return this sheet to TDA within 72 hours when all emergency feeding has ended, along with any applicable attachments.  Please fax these documents to TDA at (888) 237-4958.     
Last Modified on July 10, 2023