What is TX Bank One and how was it developed?
    The TX Bank One item bank represents a synthesis from various assessment sources and the state's student assessment expectations. Master teachers representing STAAR-tested content and grade levels and Region One content specialists participated in the development and subsequent realignments and revisions of this item bank.

    The TX Bank One item development process incorporates key quality assurance phases. Development teams first aligned each assessment item to the current TEKS and coded each as Readiness or Supporting standards. Items are then classified based on the level of cognitive complexity. Further enhancements to the items increases the level of cognitive complexity to ensure a proportional representation at or above STAAR Blueprint specifications.

    Since its inception, Region One ESC has highly trained over 400 master teachers to enable them to participate in content area teams that develop, revise, and realign the TX Bank One Item Bank. We are pleased to have been part of that professional development effort and that so many of you have been devoted to the use of the rigorous item bank offered through TX Bank One.


    STAAR One

    What resources are incorporated in the TX Bank One item bank? 
    TX Bank One customers receive access to all items in the item bank and use of an easy-to-use test generator software system. The system interface uses familiar icons and contains help guides and a link to a user support center. Within the system are a broad array of useful features that enable educators to customize assessments and use items as instructional resources. 

    What grade levels and subjects are available?
    TX Bank One delivers assessment items in reading, mathematics, science, and social studies for all STAAR-assessed grade levels and courses. The table below illustrates the current item banks found within TX Bank One. 

    Items by Content Areas & Grade Levels
    Do items reflect Readiness and Supporting Standards as well as the range of cognitive complexity specified in STAAR?
    Yes. Each item is coded to the revised TEKS and labeled with a level of cognitive complexity. Items are coded to Readiness or Supporting Standards and identified as Level 1–Low cognitive complexity, Level 2–Mid-level cognitive complexity, or Level 3–High cognitive complexity.
    Are there alternative assessments for special needs students?
    Yes. Users of TX Bank One are able to produce modified assessments using items that have been revised for maximal accessibility. 
    Will TX Bank One assessments “look” like the STAAR?
    TX Bank One assessment documents will reflect a standardized assessment format, including griddable responses for mathematics.
    How is data analysis provided?
    Campuses can continue to use current data analysis software. Creation of benchmark assessments using TX Bank One also allows for generation of a test item key. Item keys may be entered into any scanning or online response system that allows for the entry of an assessment key.
    What technical support is provided to TX Bank One end-users?
    Region One ESC and reseller ESCs provide necessary end-user support so they may easily install and use TX Bank One.  A Help space is available within the system which contains a catalog of functions, features, and other information to make the end-user experience a positive one. Region One ESC is open standard business hours Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Central Time and staff supply assistance by email, webinar, and when possible, in person. 
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