Technical Specifications for TX Bank One using Acces 4 Publishing System for Windows
    In order to install Acces version 4, you need:
    l Windows 7, Vista or XP computer l Administrative rights
    l Microsoft .NET Framework ver. 2 l 40MB+ of hard disk space

    The actual disk space requirement depends on the number of modules (item banks) that are licensed to the user. Typically, the application requires 20–30 MB and each module requires an additional 5–15 MB.

    Acces4 is fully networkable. It writes user preferences and temporary files to the workstation and does not require any files to be put in the Windows system folder. Generally, the only local change is to .NET, which must be configured to run applications from a server. This can be done once through a simple login script or user or group profile.
    Acces4 is site-licensed with no annual maintenance fee. Under the license, Acces4 may be installed and run on any school computer. Teachers may reprint an unlimited number of documents (or items from the database) provided they are distributed only to students at the school.
    Jean Haverstick
    Innovative Projects Coordinator
    (956) 984-6065