• Division of Instructional Support:
    Library Services and Instructional Resources

    Our Purpose:

    The Library Services and Instructional Resources Cooperative provides a comprehensive collection of high-quality instructional resources and services that help students develop information and digital literacy skills. In addition, schools receive financial benefit from volume purchasing discounts provided through cooperative membership.

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  • Our Teaching and Learning Support Services:

    • Online instructional resources accessible from school or home
    • Staff development for librarians, teachers and administrators on the integration of the resources provided using research-based instructional strategies
    • Support for school library programs
    • Host annual fall and spring conferences
    • Opportunity to purchase additional digital instructional resources at a discounted price
    • Membership in the Library Purchasing Cooperative, which includes audiovisual/multimedia equipment, audiovisual/multimedia software, consultants - authors, storytellers, presenters, instructional resources/software, library books, library furniture, library supplies, magazine subscriptions and online reference database, digital video services and other online instructional resources
    • Support for the state instructional materials allotment




    Contact Information

     Vilia Garcia
     Email:  VilGarcia@esc1.net
     Phone: 956.984.6055

     Roxann Martinez
     Email:  RoxaMartinez@esc1.net
     Phone: 956.984.6055

     Anna Sepeda
     Program Assistant
     Email:  ASepeda@esc1.net
     Phone: 956.984.6072


Last Modified on December 22, 2023