• Region One ESC welcomes you to the Child Nutrition Program-South Texas Cooperative (CNP-STC). Thank you for your interest and desire to do business with us!

    The South Texas Cooperative was established on September 8, 1999, and continues to play an integral part in achieving healthy school meals and efficient business practices by ensuring high quality, customer satisfying, cost effective food and supplies for its members. The primary focus of the CNP-STC is to assist participating members in the administration of a fiscally sound School Nutrition Program, and compliance with bid law requirements.  The CNP-STC acts as a coordinating center for all bids/proposals; authority for such services is granted by Texas Education Code § 8.053.

    The South Texas Cooperative administers food service related bids and proposals to meet the specific needs of our School Nutrition Program members.  These proposals are advertised in local newspapers and posted on our Bid Opportunities Web page.  Click here to view current bid opportunities!
    • Competitive Procurement
      • Bids & Proposals 
        • Bread & Tortilla Products
        • Cafeteria Dining Decor
        • Dairy & Juice Products
        • Dispensed Products
        • Equipment & Small Kitchen Wares
        • Food Items
        • Food Service Apparel, Shoes and Accessories
        • Fresh Produce - NEW!
        • Frozen Dessert Products
        • Janitorial Supplies & Paper/Plastic Products
        • Manufacturer Direct Ship to District Warehouse Commercial Products
        • Processing of USDA Foods
        • Removal of Grease from Traps & Barrels
        • School Nutrition Program Food Safety and Sanitation Products and Services
        • Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems 

    Processing of USDA Foods
    CNP-STC consolidates further processing requests of USDA Food allocations for its members.  Small or medium sized schools could not do this on their own because further processing requests must be done in truckload quantities. By aggregating the members further processing requests through the CNP-STC, all schools, regardless of size, are provided the opportunity to take advantage of this valuable service. 


Contact Information

  • Lori Atwood Ramos
    Purchasing Director
    (956) 984-6123
    Kristina Carrizales Escobar
    Buyer - Purchasing Cooperative
    (956) 984-6012
    Roberto Meave
    Buyer - Purchasing Cooperative  
    (956) 984-6249
    Idania Gonzalez
    Purchasing Technician
    (956) 984-6204
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