Public Education Information Management System

    Key Responsibilities
    The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) is a data collection system developed by the Texas Education Agency. In response to the passage of HB 72 of 1984, the state board of education directed TEA to develop a coordinated database for accountability. PEIMS was developed to provide a single system for collecting school district information and to maintain the information in one common database.
    The first PEIMS data submission occurred in the 1987-88 fiscal year. Starting with the extended year 99-2000 submission, TEA began using a web-based application, PEIMS EDIT+, to validate data to determine fatal errors, special warnings and warnings, transfer files, generate reports, and query the Dynamic PID.
    Starting with School Year 2016-2017 all school districts in Texas will now be submitting PEIMS Data via the Texas Student Data System (TSDS).
    School districts are required to submit data to TEA four times a year through PEIMS: fall, mid-year, summer, and extended-year. Different information is submitted in each of the four submissions:
    • Fall submission includes organization and campus data, shared services arrangements data and campus-related data, current fiscal year budget data, staff data and some student data; the student data includes areas such as identification/demographic information, enrollment information, special program information and dropout and graduated student information.
    • Mid-year submission includes organization and campus data, shared services arrangements data and actual audited financial data for the previous fiscal year.
    • Summer submission includes organization and campus data and student data such as identification/demographic information, attendance, course completion and discipline information.
    • Extended year submission includes organization and student data such as identification/demographic information, and attendance information regarding extended year information.

    Education Service Center responsibilities include:
    • Providing PEIMS training to school districts – ESC PEIMS staff are responsible for informing school districts in their regions about data collection and reporting requirements. They are also responsible for providing training to school district personnel on submission requirements.
    • Assisting school districts with the collection, editing and reporting of data – The ESC PEIMS staff are responsible for providing assistance to school districts by answering questions about the data standards, TSDS PEIMS and the summary reports generated by TSDS PEIMS. School districts should address questions to the school district’s ESC PEIMS staff. School districts should generally attempt to resolve questions through consultation with ESC personnel before contacting TEA with questions.
    • Helping school districts correct problems identified by the TSDS PEIMS – School districts submit its PEIMS information through TSDS PEIMS. The school district must verify that there are no fatal edit messages. If fatal errors exist, the school district can request assistance to the ESC so they can help the school district determine the nature of the problem(s). After the data files pass the TEA PEIMS Editor with no fatal edit messages, the school district’s superintendent should review and approve the PEIMS edit results and corresponding summary reports. The ESC PEIMS staff then obtains the superintendent’s signature of the "Superintendent’s Statement of Approval of Summary Report and Error Listing."
    • Submitting each school district’s information to TEA – The ESC accepts school districts’ submissions from the school districts. Once a school district’s information is processed by TEA, TEA notifies the school district that the information has been processed.

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