Center for Excellence in School Turnaround

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    The Center for Excellence in School Turnaround Support is operated from within the Office of School Improvement, Accountability, and Compliance. It is one of the pillars of the Region One ESC Centers for Excellence. The Centers for Excellence offer and implement innovative services to improve student performance, increase effectiveness and economy, and implement state initiatives. The support services available from the Center for Excellence in School Turnaround are built on foundations of collaboration, analysis of multiple measures of evidence, and insistence on high quality.

    In addition to the services listed below, we develop and deliver customized district and school training/coaching for instructional leaders.  Join us at one of our three locations, or select a site near you!

    We hope you will contact us to learn more about the innovations, workshops, and conferences we offer!


    Transformational Leadership Academy

    Annual Assessment Conference


    ESF Diagnostic Visits

    Connection to Capacity Building

    Accountability Training/Webinar Series


    Accountability Projection Reports

    Effective Schools Diagnostic Reports