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    Through an arrangement with Region One Education Service Center (ESC), area districts are offered discounted pricing on Discovery Education STREAMING, a premier streaming multimedia resource for K-8 students. This cost-saving opportunity is available by campus purchase through lRegion One ESC.

    Texas students, across all grade levels K-8 and content areas, are required to develop technology use skills and communicate effectively. Having cost-effective, easy-to-use, high-quality resources greatly improves equity and enhances students' abilities to build these very necessary skills and knowledge. 

    Discovery Education Science covers Elementary and Middle School science curricula to encourage students’ interest in science with interactive content aligned to state standards.

    NOTE: Campus must have subscription to Discovery Education Experience.

    Annual subscriptions may begin at any time of the year but will expire on August 31st of each school year. 

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    Contact Information

     Vilia Garcia
     Email:  Vilgarcia@esc1.net
     Phone: 956.984.6055
     Fax:     956.984.7600

     Adriana Samuel
     Program Assistant
     Email:  Msamuel@esc1.net
     Phone: 956.984.6072
     Fax:     956.984.7600

Last Modified on August 12, 2021