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     Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) for Children with Disabilities ages 3-5


    The Services for Students with Disabilities ages 3—5 (formerly Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities) component in the Special Education Division is here to support you and the children three to five years old with disabilities you work with in an array of services.  All schools, public, private and parochial serving student three to five years of age with disabilities are eligible for the following services from the Region One Education Service Center.

     · Technical Assistance - On site visits, phone calls and/or emails are available to assist teachers in the  classroom in the areas of instruction, setting up the learning environment, curriculum improvement, modification, program evaluation and overall organizational techniques.

     · On - Site Visits - The Preschool Specialists are available  to visit with Special Education Directors/Supervisors.  These visits are designed to support teachers of young children through a variety of approaches.

     · Staff Development - Workshops are provided regularly for special and general education teachers and supervisors, para-professionals, child care providers, Head Start teachers, parents and administrators.  Please look at the Staff Development section on the Region One Education Service Center website.

     · Interagency Coordination - Coordination with agencies and service providers serving students with disabilities ages 3 - 5 such as ECIs, Head Starts, university, private child care programs, and CPS is maintained to facilitate transition from home and center-based programs to school and to develop a continuum of placement options for services to these young children.


    Funding Source:  Federal: IDEA-B Preschool



    Juanita Lovejoy - (956) 984-6215 -  Email

    Elizabeth Alvarez - (956) 984-6176 - Email







Last Modified on September 23, 2021